FR200 VFDs adopt advanced customized design concept, use new generation of IGBT modules, choose open-loop vector control arithmetic, strong overload output capacity is one of it's great advantage. It can meet industry clients' requirements of high performance and high reliability.

The main feature include:
1. High power tolerance, FR200 VFDs have high performance for peak current and peak voltage which may would caused by motor failure, earth fault, heavy load, large inertia and other problems, this high power tolerance provide FR200 VFDs enough time to make reaction and alarm, in this case the fault system can be stop before devices get damaged
2. Adopt new generation of motor control CPU from SPANSION, It's frequency can reach up to 144MHZ.
3. All the PCBAs in FR200 VFDs are painted with original Germany protective paint, which can dramatically improve products' reliability and life.
4. Avaliable for our up and down load module, so customers can use our module save parameters from a certain VFD or copy parameters from one VFD to another.
4. Adopt latest generation Infineon IGBT module to ensure its high performance and reliability.
5. Independent heat dissipation system.
6. Support long distance control.
7. High starting torque. It can provide 15% torque when it's output frequency is 0.5HZ
8. Can realize vector control without sensor installing, this characteristic can reduce the sensitiveness of VFDs to motor and improve its adaptability to most applications.

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