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Financial Info
Financial Information:
There are a number of financial incentives which can help pay for your MN solar system.

Federal Incentives
Solar Investment Tax Credit: There is a Federal tax credit in effect through the year 2016 for 30% of the installed cost of the solar property. A tax credit is a reduction in taxes owed, not a deduction on income earned. The installed cost is considered to be the cost of the system after other installation incentives. For more information on this incentive go to and follow the link for Federal incentives. You should consult a qualified tax adviser to determine your eligibility and incentive level.

Minnesota Solar Incentives
Net Metering: Minnesota is a net metering State, meaning all investor-owned and municipal utilities are mandated to credit you at the retail rate – the same rate they charge you – for any excess power generated by a PV system that is up to 20kW in size. Net metering may include time of use rates as well standard rates."

"Property Tax Exemption: In Minnesota, solar electric systems are exempt from property taxes, making renewable energy an investment you can make on your property without increasing your tax liability.

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